Our Story

The Pennise family band started many years ago when Mr. Pennise (Tom) & Elaine started playing in various club bands in the Phila. Area. Bands like Fulltilt, Fuzz, Trippin' Sideways, were some of the acts they played in together. Many videos were filmed of those bands & Jennifer & Tommy started watching them at a young age. They liked seeing their Mom & Dad on stage playing music and before long Jennnifer started taking piano lessons & Tommy took up the guitar. They became quite good fast and one day the family played together in their basement studio. Well the sound was great! So from that moment Tom & Elaine started working with the children more & more and Tommy started playing saxophone, & Jennifer guitar & Ukulele. Their first BIG shows was a chance they got to play at their school Mater Dei Back in 2013. Alot of practice was done before hand & the show was a big hit with Students & Teachers. So if you haven't seen the Pennise Family Band yet, Come on out , you won't be disappointed !!